Dynamo Lamp

Woodworker and lamp designer John Hutchinson created this clever action-packed table lamp that uses a small motor and gears to drive the dynamic duo, giving the illusion their hard work is powering the bulb. In reality, separate switches control both the bulb and motor. Woodcraft Magazine provided readers with detailed instructions for building their own Dynamo lamp.


Woodcraft Magazine

Art Director:
Chad McClung



Sometimes the best way to show how to build something is to blow it up. Such was the case when Woodcraft Magazine‘s Art Director, Chad McClung, called on me to produce several exploded 3D illustrations and line art diagrams to explain the construction of this unique table lamp. Working from sketches and photos, I created these eye-catching and informative illustrations, befitting the dynamic duo. Holy mad, gear-turning skills, Batman!

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Carrara 3D

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