me up, Scotty

This modern-day take on the traditional post-and-beam structure does away with mortises and tenons in favor of metal fasteners called-T-Rex Connectors. The T-shaped connector’s flange is screwed to a supporting member, with the leg then sliding into a slot that has been cut into a post or beam. Aluminum pins secure the connection. Though the construction methods may be 21st-century, the finished structure has all the classic beauty of a traditionally built post-and-beam barn.


Fine Homebuilding

Art Director:
Rodney Diaz



Whether you are raising a real barn or a virtual one in a magazine like Fine Homebuilding, good teamwork is key. Having already worked on several projects with Art Director Rodney Diaz, the back and forth exchange of ideas and teamwork comes easily. Virtual splinters are kept to a minimum. The resulting layout full of strong visuals and useful information is a testament to the hard work and great working relationship I have with the fine staff at Fine Homebuilding.
The outcome: Some damn fine illustrations.

Skills Involved


  • Carrara 3D Pro
  • Photoshop

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